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Hideyoshi is good, but there’s been a wealth of good earth leaders, recently, not sure how high he is on the list.

It’s annoying for those players because maybe they also spent a bunch of diamonds on normal diamond seal to get Maya, and now they get a second Maya.. From what I can tell, there are some people that did ancient seal draws and the game crashed but they lost 100 coins and didn’t get any card.

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No free draws Seal Online Private Server are mostly in Chinese Language These are steps how to convert it to English Language for NPC and item language.. Currently have only done my ancient coin draws and don’t plan on doing any more.. Maya looks good, but if I can’t get up to 30+ draws, it’s likely that I’ll just be wasting the diamonds.. But she seems to be outclassed these days Could be much worse, not complaining too much. Sn29500 Rar

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Very good ac draws Wish that I saved more diamonds, blew them last time trying to get Ophi (and failing).. If I didn’t already get Beelzebub from the monthly gift, I would be super excited, because I wanted to draw her for the longest time. Vmware Expands View For Mac

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 Those players were meant to receive Maya so Madhead will fix it by giving them Maya retroactively.. Wait until they fix it Nash updating it I guess Dunno why the Chinese side are so angry about this, for free to play players like me, is a bless.. (, 10:22 AM)Kina Skynight Wrote: Lol guys, if I read it right, MH announced that they will update the ancient coin seal, the 100 coins will only be consumed IF you draw Maya, drawing any other cards other then Maya will not consume it, so to those who still have the ancient coins left, good for ya.. Got Hideyoshi from past ’200%’ Now Nobunaga Hohoho think thats it Till KoF and next black card Gz.. My 1st Black card HAHAHA Should i save 160 remaining coins or draw another one 2nd draw: Nobunaga! Cant complain about this one. 773a7aa168 Download Yahoo Hacker Pro Free


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